Group Exercise Classes

at East Grinstead Sports Club

However you would like to get active, Acorns at East Grinstead Sports Club, has a fantastic variety of Group Exercise classes suitable for everyone.  We’ve put our classes into five categories of focus; Cardio, Dance, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Holistic and Strength & Core.

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Group Exercise Timetable 

Autumn Group Exercise Timetable from 31st October 2022

To book a class or find out more, ask a member of the East Grinstead Sports Club team, visit East Grinstead Sports Club or contact us here.


Start TimeClass LengthFocusClass
09:1560 minutesBody Conditioning
18:3045 minutesRIDE Fusion +
19:3060 minutesIron Yoga
Start TimeClass LengthFocusClass
09:1545 minutesLegs. Bums & Tums
10:1545 minutesFitness Pilates
17:4545 minutesJust Step +
Start TimeClass LengthFocusClass
09:0045 minutesZumba 
17:4545 minutesRIDE Fusion 
18:3060 minutesYoga


Start TimeClass LengthFocusClass
09:1545 minutesBody Conditioning
18:0060 minutesTotal Body Workout
Start TimeClass LengthFocusClass
09:1545 minutesLift Lean
10:1545 minutesYoga
Start TimeClass LengthFocusClass
No ClassesNo ClassesNo ClassesNo Classes

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