Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Whether you want to get your heart racing or your muscles working hard, we have a great selection of classes at East Grinstead Sports Club! Take a look at our class descriptions and get ready to smash those goals.

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RIDE – FusionWe’ve fused cycle & strength to create the ultimate Cycle Fusion class. You’ll get both cardio & resistance training in this unique 45-minute session. Don’t train longer, train smarter!
Total Body Workout This total body workout will blast calories, get you stronger. Increase your fitness levels and leave you feeling energised. Targeting all the major muscle groups to increase strength and interspersed with cardio this class really does have it all.
Lift Lean Get the maximum benefits from your training with Lift Lean. Resistance training combined with elements of cardio to get stronger and fitter. This low impact workout will give you an all over body workout and is suitable for all abilities.
YogaYoga is a healing system of theory & practice. It helps us find the calm in our busy lives. Whilst improving flexibility, strength and muscle tone along with pain prevention and a focus on breathing, Yoga really does have amazing benefits for the mind, body & soul.
Fitness PilatesFitness Pilates applies the main principles of Classical Pilates, but it also involves more functional movement for everyday life. Fitness Pilates will improve overall body strength with the main emphasis on your back and core muscles. It will also help to improve posture, mobility, joint problems and tone your body. Along with minimal impact movements this class is great for all abilities.
Body ConditioningA varied class combining cardio, resistance and core training. Using a selection of equipment or just your own body weight this class will focus on increasing your strength & cardiovascular fitness to give you the ultimate full body workout.
Just StepStep your way in to this fun fitness class learning choreography based around a step. With some amazing music to step along to this will be the most fun you’ve had in ages! This class is suitable to those aged 14 years and above.
Iron YogaCombine Power Yoga with upper body weight training. Achieve your health, fitness & weight goals by connecting mind, breath, muscle & movement. This unique class will give you a full body toning effect & you’ll leaving feeling fabulously refreshed.
ZumbaA fusion of Latin and international music and dance that creates a dynamic, exciting, effective cardio workout. These fun, easy routines feature interval aerobic training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body as you dance. Enjoy & have Fun!
Legs, Bums & TumsTone & shape your legs, bum & tum with this low impact workout. Build stronger glutes, get leaner legs and strengthen your core with this fun & effective class.

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