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Are you passionate about fitness? Are you a qualified personal trainer? We’re looking for Gym Coaches and Personal Trainers and want to hear from you.

Job Purpose:

During employed hours to undertake all functions involved in the daily operation of the Gym.  This includes providing supervision of the gym floor to meet the needs of the gym members, undertake inductions, write customer gym programmes and deliver Gym Floor classes.  Additionally, you will be required to actively promote and deliver Personal Training sessions.


East Grinstead Sports Club Limited (the Charity), is a not for profit charity established to provide sporting facilities for the community of East Grinstead and the surrounding area.

The Charity owns a multi-sport, fitness and social facility (‘EGSC’), which is the home to over twenty sports clubs and organisations, and is used by locals and visitors of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Several of the sports clubs based at EGSC have developed successfully teams competing up to national level with some individuals playing their sport at international level and in the case of hockey, achieving Olympic success. Through these successes, the Sports Clubs and Charity have developed linked to national sporting bodies, and have been involved in national and international events.

The success at elite level is in parallel with a family oriented sports participation and development ethos which allows and encourages youngsters and adults of all abilities to develop and enjoy their sports to their own personal level of abilities. The sports clubs have about 1,000 youngsters playing their sports at EGSC with a similar number of adult sports club members.

How To Apply

Please click here to apply online or contact if you’d prefer to receive an application form.

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