I enjoy helping people strive towards a better quality of life, where injury or illness has been an issue. It’s great watching people work towards their next set of goals and achieve them, using a variety of exercises and training methods.

I feel that those extra sessions should be available to the every day Joe, as a healthier lifestyle should be an option for all. From first-timers in a gym to those that need a good shakeup after years of the same routine, I’m here and happy to help anyone who needs it. It’s about what you learn on the journey.

Specialist Areas:
GP Referral medical conditions
Stroke Rehabilitation
Escape Pain – for lower body
Advanced clinical weight loss

Level 2 Fitness Instructing
Level 3 PT
Studio Cycling
Gym Based Boxing
GP Referral
Advanced Clinical Weight Loss practitioner
L4 Functional Rehabilitation & exercise training after stroke
Power Plate
CYQ L2 Cert in Fitness Instructing Exercise & Physical Activity in Children

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