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We hope you are all well, and excited at the prospect of returning to your sport and fitness activities at EGSC.

Please accept our apologies for not being in touch for a while but rest assured we have all been working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our club safe and secure during the strange and difficult times of the last few months, and latterly to find a safe and manageable way to open up again. As I am sure you will appreciate it has been very difficult to plan and prepare for re-opening as the situation has been changing almost daily. However, we are now able to start up activities again on a gradual basis.

Many of you will know that most of our outdoor sports have already started with some level of training at the club. For the time being the way we all take part in these sports is necessarily a little different from what we are used to, but it’s just great to be back!! The Charity, the individual affiliated Sports Clubs and Wave are all setting up procedures to re-introduce our sports and activities in as safe a way as we can, so please help us all by following the guidance issued. All procedures are for the safety of you, our members, all the volunteers who run your sports clubs, and all the staff at Wave who make it possible for us to play our sport.

Details of what is happening for each of the sports are set out on the appropriate club websites:


As many of you will be aware we are now able to re-open the gym from 25 July. Again, the way in which gym and fitness classes will operate will be very different from before, based on a booking system so that we are able to manage the numbers in and around the club at any one time, and follow appropriate cleaning routines, all for your safety and the safety of the staff. Wave has issued a recent update to members aligned to content posted on the website. Please click on the link within the East Grinstead Sports Club website for access to the COVID-19 Hub and for other details regarding the unlocking of facilities.

The focus at the moment is very much on setting things up so that our members can return to playing their outdoor sports and attending the gym. We are awaiting further guidance on indoor sports such as squash and badminton, but will look to open up these activities when we can. It will still be a little while before we are able to open other facilities such as the cafe, changing rooms etc, but we are working on how we can do this within the Government Guidance, and will provide further details when we have them.

It is great to be back, and we urge you to support your charity, your clubs, and Wave so that we can all enjoy a return to sport, but above all please remain alert and stay safe!!

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